Andrea Fenner
Irma, WI

Being creative has always been a priority for me: fine art has given me an avenue to achieve this end. In recent years, I've gotten so much satisfaction from painting that I returned to school to get a degree in this field. The fundamentals I learned there have helped to establish a solid foundation for my skills. I've also taken classes from artists that I respect and admire. The joy of incorporating new concepts into my technique has been immense.

My style of painting is gradually changing from realism to expressionism. Through bursts of creative energy, I strive to capture the essence of my subject. I avoid belaboring a painting; this is, unfortunately, a sure way to lose the innate freshness of the subject. I always have my eyes open for an arresting composition. Without this, an artist is fighting a losing battle. Of course, like most artists, mu style is constantly evolving. That's what makes painting so stimulating - the ongoing struggle to do better.